Having Fun With It

I feel like so many people have become increasingly rigid in how they approach their role playing games, and often in situations where that rigidity helps no one. Lots of times I will see people discuss rules, systems, or mechanics only to get bogged down in “always” and “never” and “wrong.” Play to me is… Continue reading Having Fun With It

Combat Dots

A note: This post first existed as a zine for Tech Jam #2 but it was not finished in time. After chatting with some folks on twitter, they suggested I should put it on my blog. Keeping track of multiple actions and remembering which people have gone or not is often a pain. Especially in… Continue reading Combat Dots

A definition

As I begin to leave my insular community and attempt to talk about lyric games with people in the academic sphere, they seem to be confused. And not for the reasons other game designers seem to be confused when I attempt to explain the concept to them. Academics don’t notice the lack of dice or… Continue reading A definition

Lyric Game Threads

Figured it’d be nice to have somewhere I’ve collected most of my twitter musings on Lyrical design.